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Monday, 24 January 2011

RH - Axe opening (Frederich R. Friedel, 1977) aka Lisa,Lisa

In the opening to 'Axe' the first 2.30 minutes are spent shooting a house. The inital shot pans down from a tree which then focuses on an establishing shot. In this shot a women walks into the house from the right side of the shot. There is no detail on the woman but we see her enter this house, however we don't go inside the house nor do we see a close-up of the woman.

A link to the 'Axe' IMDb page

This will benefit our production as like 'Scream' they use this shot of panning down from a tree to focus on a house. We have decided to incoorparate this shot in our production as it is well documentated and also we have a location which complements this technique as our location is in a rueral area.

Aside from this camera technique there is not many conventions we can take from 'Axe' and apply into our production.

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