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Director - George Gamble

Producer - Roam Hamilton

Cinematographer - Harry Knight

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Monday, 7 February 2011

RH - Cherry Falls, opening killing

In the opening to 'Cherry Falls' a couple (Rod and Stacey) were murdered. In our production we are recreating a car crash, we are re-shooting this because we did not take enough shots from enough angles. We need a lot more coverage. In this incident we see several close-ups of the girls face. We need shot variation including a POV shot, close-ups of our 'Scream Queen'. One improvement we were told to make from our audience feedback was that we needed to hold off on revealing the killers identity until the actual murder. Some of the shots were shot through the windshield and others within the actual car. What they do well is that they cut between about 3 or 4 shots which is something we need to replicate during our re-shoot. One thing that we did well in our rough cut was that the killers shadow was moving along the side of the car whilst our killing approached the car in shot, but from audience feedback we were told that it would look scarier if the killing was not on screen and we could only see his shadow.
This is a link to a film review for 'Cherry Falls'

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