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Thursday, 17 February 2011

RH - Denotation of Kangeroo Jack opening (David McNally, 2003)

I'm looking at this opening so I can gather key conventions used in film openings, it is important to broaden my knowledge past the genre I'm working in which is why I've chosen to look at a comedy.

Warner Brothers and Castle Rock Entertainment idents were shown on screen. There was non-diagetic sound playing over these idnets. The Jerry Bruckheimer Films ident was shown, this was on screen without the non-diagetic sound and had the sound effects of the ident itself. The first few shots are establising shots over differant areas of the Australian outback. Whilst these shots are on screen the titles such as; disribution and production company, followed by the director. A voice over is used over all these shots, this continues throughout the opening. The camera then zooms in to a close-up of a Kangeroo. The voice over is still in progress when the location changes to America, we know this because the voice over tells us aswell as seeing an American flag. We are provided with expisition when it says at the bottom of the screen 'Memorial Day 1982'.

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