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Monday, 7 February 2011

GG - Initial titles idea

We are now at the stage of deciding how we want our credits to appear on screen. After looking at various websites and other horror/slasher films we are starting to get an idea of how we want them to appear. 
  • We have looked at the idea of Synchronised sound, the idea that the soundtrack is specifically timed to suit the images or the on screen titles. 
  • We have also looked at Serif and Sans-Serif fonts. Because ours is a horror we will be using serif fonts when designing the titles. We plan to use a font with sharp edges to the letters to help signify the genre of our film. By this we mean not using curvy lettering which will signify a comedy or a child's programme. The sharp lettering could signify a knife or a some sort of sharp weapon. 
  • We want the title of the film to appearer on a black background in either red or white font colour. We then want the names of the producer, director and cinematograph to come on screen in our first couple of shots overlapping the picture on screen. 
  • We want them all to appearer on screen through a fade in and fade out. The title will be in the centre of a black screen. The rest will be to the centre as well but nearer the bottom of the screen whilst our first few shots are playing.

 A few examples of good opening titles would be Halloween (1978) and Sweeney Todd.
Sweeney Todd's title sequence was nominated for Best Film and TV Graphics. 

A list of useful websites the help me think of idea's for our titles:
How to Properly Sequence Film Credits
The Art Of Film Title Design Throughout Cinema History
The art of the Title Sequence

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