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Friday, 21 January 2011

RH - Cherry Falls opening (Geoffrey Wright, 2000)

 Published by RH

In the opening of 'Cherry Falls', two teenagers (boy and girl) aged roughly 16 to 19 years of age are in their car kissing. This scene is relevant to our coursework because we are having our leading girl taken from a car. In this scene the boy is taken however the key thing is his reason to leave the car, he does this because another car comes up behind them and shines his headlights.

In our coursework, their is going to be a car crash and after the initial shock,  the girl will exit the car after hearing something outside, she will then be taken. The reason that we have opted for the girl exiting the car instead of her getting dragged from the car is because we feel that we won't be able to effectively demonstrate a girl getting dragged from the car on a zero budget. The advantage of the girl getting out of the car is that we can play around with sounds and at suspense, which will be supported by a menacing soundtrack.

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