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Thursday, 27 January 2011

RH - What I've learned so far

So far in my research and planning I have learned a lot more about the key conventions to do with the Slasher genre. I've looked at several openings and I now feel that I have a strong understanding which will help me when it comes to making the production. After watching 'Scream' this has gave me a more thorough understanding on 'Scream Queens' and Drew Barrymore playing 'Casey' is a prime example.

Also in the majority of openings that I have looked at the opening scene is shot in a house. This has influenced our production because we will use a common shot as our opening shot in our film. The camera will pan down from a tree and then show an establishing shot of the house.

The main convention of the killer in slashers films is that he is either an ordinary person who suffered a great trauma and is now looking for revenge by going on a killing streak. Or they are a psychopath. All slasher killers are masked and if they are unmasked it is usually left up until the final scene. The killers are known for 'the quick kill' they are not signified as torturers.

The weapon killers use is always some kind of a blade, usually a 'knife'. However you see other weapons used such as; axes, chain-saws and swords etc. The most famous 'quick kill' would be in 'Psycho' when 'Norman Bates' kills 'Marion Crane' in the famous masterpiece that is the shower scene.

In our production we will have a car crash and our 'Scream Queen' will be taken by our killer we can take key influences from 'Halloween' when 'Michael Myers' jumps on the roof of the car, or in the 'Cherry Falls' opening when the two teens sat in their car kissing get lured out and murdered.

A link to a page on 'Slasher' films Past, Present, Future

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