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Friday, 28 January 2011

RH - Wes Craven

For almost thirty years, 'Craven has been scaring mainsteam audiences and has been responsible for creating a number of familiar horror icons'. Craven first directed 'Last house on the left' (1972) this film about rapist murderers is still banned in the UK.

His most recognised films are; 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' (1984) and 'Scream' (1996). In 1984 he created the serial slayer character of 'Freddy Kruegar', its timing and success sparked sequels to be made. This character is well regarded as one of the most famous killers. Scream was realesed in 1996 and this film provided a base for all post modern horror films to be based on.

Craven is described as "A modern master of horror". His films usually have an air of differance about them that has proven influencial on his peers.

A link to Amazon where you can buy 'The Pocket Essentaial Horror Films' book

Source -  'Pocket Essential Horrr Films' book (Michelle Le Blanc and Colin Odell)

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