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Director - George Gamble

Producer - Roam Hamilton

Cinematographer - Harry Knight

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

RH - Madhouse opening (William Butler, 2004)

In the opening to 'Madhouse' we see a lot gore. There are short takes as people who look like they are dead.  The denote from the title that the setting is in a mental hospital, the camera shot is a long shot looking down a long dark hallway, however we get flashes of light as the blooded people get closer to the camera. We get an ECU of somebodies brain, this is strong gore on screen.

This is a link to the IMDb page of 'Madhouse'

We can't take to much from this section of the opening as it doesn't link in to what we are doing in our production. However later in the opening two men are chasing a boy through the wood who exited from the building, he comes to a road and car headlights illuminate on him. We can use this in our production as our 'Scream Queen' will be driving before looking up from her phone to see a masked man in her headlights before swerving and crashing. When he pulls over, dust rises. In our production we need to steam to rise from the bonit we will have to use hot water to help add special effects to our car crash.

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