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We are Flatline Films and we are currently in the process of producing our debut film 'Roadside'.

Director - George Gamble

Producer - Roam Hamilton

Cinematographer - Harry Knight

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Sunday, 30 January 2011

GG - Filming at night

Because we are filming our production at night this caused a few problems. We found that it gets dark very quickly, meaning we don't have lots of time to film. We found that we have around 1 hour in all. We overcame this problem by filming on different nights of the week but at the same time. This makes it look like it is all one night on camera, although we have split up when we filmed the footage.
Another problem that we found was the natural light. It was originally hard to see what was going on when we filmed outside, especially seeming as we were in the county side with no artificial light available. We overcame this problem by filming early giving us more natural light time. We found that filming around 4 30pm was the right time for us. We also found that when editing, we can increase and decrease the light on screen.

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