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Director - George Gamble

Producer - Roam Hamilton

Cinematographer - Harry Knight

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Thursday, 20 January 2011

RH - Cry Wolf opening (Jeff Wadlow, 2005)

In the opening of 'Cry Wolf' there is a high angle ECU of a phone. This will benefit our film because we plan to use a ECU on a phone to show a text message. Aside from the obvious interest of a message on the phone providing a possible narrative enigma, this camera shot will be a fairly short take which will add interest to the audience.

We will use Todorov's equilibrium rule e.g. The girl is driving through the countryside (equilibrium), she receives a text message (dis-equilibrium) and finally she looks up and there is a man in a mask standing in the road, she swerves and crashes (new equilibrium). So from the opening of 'Cry Wolf' we have got an effective idea on how we can use an ECU on a phone to contribute to the horror of our film.

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