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Monday, 24 January 2011

RH - Friday The 13th opening (Marcus Nispel, 2009)

In this opening of this film. It has a constant soundtrack whilst cutting from the opening credits to a dark rainy background. A young girl aged 17-24 is running and screaming. This cuts to the opening credits and cuts back. This is a very powerful technique as it adds suspense. The opening credits are in a serif font, this signifies it's a horror, the credits are also white on black (good and evil) key conventions of horror.

This is a link to the IMDb page for 'Friday The 13th'

In the opening of 'Friday The 13th' its not common that the young 'scream queen' at the beginning of the film survives. But in this opening the 'scream queen' kills the perpetrator who is a mother grieving the death of her son "Jason". The twist is that "Jason" comes back and is vengeful wielding various weapons.

This will benefit our media production as this technique is something we could create. It's a very dramatic technique that we could possibly use. What will be difficult to replicate that helps this film is the special effects e.g. lightning and torrential rain. We would have to find an appropriate place in our production for this, if we were to use it.

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