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Director - George Gamble

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

RH - Audience feedback on coursework idea

Since telling several people of our film idea we have got mixed feedback. When asking people of what they thought about the idea within the target audience. We got promising feedback saying it is an interesting idea and if we can create what we say we want to it will be an extremly successful production. This was feedback from a 17 year old male. When we asked other males they said it seemed like it would be scary.

We also got feedback from an older age group to see if this production would appeal to them. The feedback that we got is that this film would appeal to an older generation however this was only for the male audience as the older female feedback was slightly negative saying that they wouldn't want to watch this which is what we reletively expected. Surprisingly the teenage female audience feedback was mixed as 5/10 people said they would enjoy to watch that, we were pleased with this as we didn't expect this to appeal to many females.

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