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We are Flatline Films and we are currently in the process of producing our debut film 'Roadside'.

Director - George Gamble

Producer - Roam Hamilton

Cinematographer - Harry Knight

Here is our FlatLine Fims blog.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

RH - Update

At the moment we have just staeted working on our soundtrack. This is going to be difficult and will take some time. Tomorrow we will be filming our re-shoot on both locations. This will complete our filming so we must make sure everything is perfect. During this we will film some behind the scences footage. This we go onto the FlatLine films blog. After we do this we will upload the footage and start editing our full complete version. Whilst editing the full version we will get audience feedback on some sample scenes. Finally when we have edited the footage we will mix that with the soundtrack and then compose one final edited version involving company idents, this will be our final cut!

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