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Monday, 21 March 2011

Eval Q3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The genre we are working within is the Slasher genre. We have looked at numerous films within the Slasher genre. These are the distribution companies of just several of the films we have looked at.
  1. Halloween - Compass International Pictures
  2. Cherry Falls - Entertainment Film Distributors
  3. Psycho - Paramount Pictures
  4. Scream - Dimension Films
  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street - New Line Cinema
  6. Friday the 13th - Paramount Pictures
  7. Madhouse - Lions Gate Films
These are films of the Horror/Slasher genre that have been realesed after 2009.

Saw 3D (Kevin Greutert, 2010)
Budget - $17m
US Box Office - $45.3m
UK Box Office - £8m
There was no UK Distributor however the US Distributor is Lionsgate.
Here is a link to the official trailer.

Human Centipede (Tom Six, 2009)
Budget - €1.5m
US Box Office - $181k
There was no UK Box Office figues this denotes that the film went straight to DVD release.
UK Distributor - Bounty Films
Here is a link to the official trailer.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Samuel Bayer, 2010)
Budget - $35m
US Box Office - $63m
UK Box Office - £3.5m
UK Distibutor - Warner Bros.
Here is a link to the official trailer.

I found these films off listZe and I found all the figues of IMDb.

A small UK distributor that I have found is 'Caravan Films' one of their feature films is 'Lithivm'. This is a distributor that would release my film because I'm a low-budget indie filmmaker. They would not get cinematic release and would either go straight to DVD or even onto TV.

Production companies Warp X/Warp Films are the main main UK companies that get cinematic releases or any coverage in the US. 'Dead Man's Shoes' is a film from the Slasher genre that got a very small cinematic release in the US, it's Box Office takings were $6k. The distribution company behind this film is Optimum Releasing.

Another film distributed by 'Optimum Releasing' is 'Eden Lake'. These Box Office figues demonstrates how difficult it is for films produced in the UK to be big at the US Box Office. Eden Lake took $5.8k in the US and £482k in the UK.

We can compare these small indie films to a big Box Office Oscar winner film the 'King's Speech'. This film isn't in the Horror genre. This was produced by Bedlam Productions the UK distributor is Momentum Theatrical. This UK film had a $15m budget and took $123.5m at the US Box Office whilst it took £25m at the UK Box Office. This is an example of a company that wouldn't release my film.

Companies such as; Caravan films would release my film. Optimum realeasing might release my film however it would not gain Box Office takings in the US. Especially for UK films in the Slasher/Horror genre they very rarely gain cinematic release in the US.

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