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Monday, 21 March 2011

Eval Q4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

My core target audience males with in the ages of 15-24, also they may prodominately be from Yorkshire as it includes actors from this region and is filmed their.

Ethnicity is is another area of our core audience as the two characters we see are Caucasian. Therefore this will attract a white Caucasian audience. If I apply the communtation test and change the two characters ethnicity making them Asian, this would attract a wider Asian audience.

The sexuality of the two characters is heterosexual. This is indicated by many signifiers. Once again the fact that these characters are heterosexual means that it will attract a wider audience. By stating this, I'm not ruling out the homosexual audience.

My secondary audience expands it's age range to 13-34. This leads to the BBFC ratings. We would be looking to get a 15 BBFC rating. The reason for this is that through the guidlines are production fits the criteria for a 15 rated film. For example use of easily accessible and highly dangerous substances is not permitted, we don't use include anything of that nature in our film. Although this is a slasher film we don't show any gore on screen. Nor do we include any suffering. We believe that because we meet the criteria we would gain a 15 rated film. The reason we put the age range of our secondary audience down to 13 is because although nobody under the age of 15 is permitted to watch a 15 rated film or watch it on DVD, you do get hold of them. I'm not 18 however I have seen several 18 rated films. Kids of the age of 13 would be interested in watching this film.

Examples of films Horror/Slasher films that are rated 15 are: Paranormal Activity 2 and Let Me In.

To confirm this as being my appropriate core target audience I decided to do a profile on someone who is within my target audience. Kieran Mitchell allowed me to question him on the genre. He is a 16 year old male and lives in Yorkshire. The questions are as followed.

Q. Which genre do you prefer, the horror/slasher genre or the rom-com genre?
A. I prefer the horror/slasher genre.

Q. What film is the character Marion Crane from?
A. She was in Psycho wasn't she.

Q. If you see a busty blonde female in a horror film what would her role in the film be?
A. A victim of some kind of crude occurrence such as a raping or a viscous kill.

Q. If you saw a geeky girl possibly a brunette in a horror film what would her role in the film be?
A. She might get killed but she wouldn't be killed becuase of her impurity. Most of the girls in horror films are killed because they are sexually active and seen as objects by males or killers.

Q. What famous horror film made by Wes Craven in 1984 was remade in the year of 210?
A. I know A Nightmare on Elm Street was remade recently and I think Wes Craven directed it, but it could be The Last House on the Left. 

Q. What is your favourite Horror Film?
A. Either Psycho or The Blair Witch Project, more recently Paranormal Activity.

Here is a link to a blog post on our target audience.

This is class feedback after our first rough cut.

This is now our 4th and latest rough cut.

There is a very large audience for the Slasher genre proven by Box Office figures from these films.
  • Psycho (1960) made $32m at the US Box Office.
  • Halloween (1978) made $47m at the US Box Office.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) made $10.8m at the US Box Office.
  • Scream (1996) made $103m at the US Box Office.
  • Saw (2004) made $55.2m at the US Box Office.
  • Paranormal Activity (2007) made $108m at the US Box Office.
These figures show that this genre has an incredibly large audience despite what some people may think.

Unlike these big Box Office hits my film would be a small indie production and would most likely not get any coverage in the US. Working Title are the big UK producers often sculp their films to suit US and UK viewers. Whilst companies like Warp do not and focus on the UK audience. Because my production is filmed in Yorkshire regional identity is something to consider. People from down south may struggle with the dialect and that is once again why my key core audience is the one of people from Yorkshire a broader region the 'North'.

My core audience is men. Despite this it's not to say that we don't want to attract a female audience nor are we ruling one out. In our opening we have a busty blonde female which attracts the 'Male Gaze' theory. She eventually dies. What will attract a female audience is a strong final girl. In our production we don't get introduced to this character however in our narrative we plan to have a final girl who happens to be our Scream Queen 'Casey's' sister. This will attract a female audience as she will be the main character, whilst the male audience will still be entertained with gore.

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