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Monday, 21 March 2011

Eval Q5

How did you attract/address your audience?

We had many options on how to attract and address our audience such as;
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Interviewing our core target audience
  • Interviewing our secondary target audience
  • Interviewing media studies students
  • Interview non-media studies students
Facebook is an extremely useful tool to attract and gether feedback from your audience. It is extremely approapriate for our core target audience as most of our friends on Facebook are within our core target audience age range of 15-24. We can easily post our roughcuts on the social networking site and people give feedback. We have asked people to give us feedback on our videos posted and generally you get really incitefull feedback which allows us to take that on board, plan as a group and then make appropriate changes to our production. Feedback is such a key things because our narrative makes perfect sense to us the filmmakers however if the core audience doesn't get it, then your film won't be very good.

YouTube is a worldwide video streaming site which allows us to share our rough cuts to a worldwide audience. Unlike Facebook this gives us a opportunity for our secondary target audience to give feedback this age range goes down to 13 and up to the 34. YouTube was very helpful as we gathered a wide range of feedback. This was not limited to rough cuts. We uploaded videos of our group speaking about our film as well as our company idents, the killers mask etc. This really allowed our audience to get involved in the making of our film. We tried to keep updating our progress so that we were connected to our audience which we hoped would allow us to make a production that was within the interest of the audience.

Interviewing our core and secondary target audiences:
We did this so we could get a reflection on what type of film they can relate to. Once again this is all done with the purpose in mind to make sure the audience reacts positively to our film opening. One thing we did was test our killers mask effect on somebody in our secondary target audience.
This video is shows how we did this.

The reason for producing this video was that we could get a real live reaction our killers mask. This was to test the effect of it on a viewer. Please note that we feel this would obviously be more powerful on screen with the benefit of editing and suspense of a soundtrack as well as the narrative structure.

Interviewing Non Media/Media students:
The purpose of doing this was that we were able to gather feedback from two differant types of people. The good thing about doing this was that when gathering feedback from Media students they gave detailed analysis of the film picking up on camera shots, horror conventions, editing and using semioctics to pretty much deconstruct our film opening. This was natural for them to do as they are in the same situation (student filmmaker producing a film opening). When we got feedback from non-media students this was constructive in a differant way. They usually commented on the effect certain things had and what they liked and disliked about it which is just as useful feedback. We gathered most of this feedback from Facebook however we sometimes just simply asked them what they thought and wrote it down.

This is an annotated version of our final cut to show some of the choices we made to attract our audience.

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